Lease a New Subaru Legacy Near Portland

What's your ideal car? If it's an efficient, tech-filled and surprisingly capable sedan, choose the new 2017 Subaru Legacy, a four-door that comes standard with AWD. You'll find the best setup of the new Legacy here at our Vancouver, WA Subaru dealership serving Portland, OR, and we'll explain why leasing it might be your best bet. Press play to give this clever video a watch, then visit today to get started.

When it comes to leasing a new Subaru Legacy here in the Portland area, you'll find the deals will keep your monthly payments down, all while helping you fit a higher trim level with more tech options into your budget. The Legacy is a great choice for a sedan, and leasing it will help you choose the Subaru EyeSight safety functions and other tech options you want the most in your daily commuter.

Learn more about your leasing options and head over to Dick Hannah Subaru today.

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