The New 2019 Subaru Ascent Comes With a Standard Eyesight Driver Assist Technology System!

At Subaru, every vehicle is engineered to provide you with the utmost confidence and safety behind the wheel. Every year, innovations are made to increase the safety of Subaru vehicles, which is why the new 2019 Subaru Ascent comes equipped with standard Eyesight Driver Assist Technology, providing you with intuitive safety features that keep you safe and provide you with complete peace of mind on the road!

The new 2019 Ascent is the first Subaru model to come equipped with standard Eyesight Driver Assist Technology, designed to make driving safer and easier no matter where you go. Eyesight offers a number of state of the art safety features, including lane keep assist, pre-collision braking and adaptive cruise control. Lane keep assist will alert you if your vehicle starts to drift outside of your lane, allowing you to correct your path and safely make it to your destination without a problem. Adaptive cruise control works by monitoring the distance and speed of the vehicle ahead of you and keeping your vehicle at a set distance from it. If the vehicle in front of you slows down, your vehicle will automatically do the same. Pre-collision braking monitors the vehicle ahead of you, and if that vehicle comes to a quick stop, the system will warn you and even apply the brakes for you if you fail to do so on time!

We want you to enjoy complete confidence behind the wheel, and with the standard Eyesight Driver Assist Technology system in every new Ascent, you can relax knowing that you have two sets of eyes watching the road!

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