What Makes A Pre-Owned Forester Such A Great Buy?

More and more drivers are turning to a pre-owned vehicle over a new vehicle for how much money they can save while still getting behind the wheel of a safe and reliable vehicle. When it comes to choosing a pre-owned SUV, a used Subaru Forester stands out from the crowd for a number of reasons.

So what makes the Subaru Forester one of, if not, the best pre-owned compact SUVs available. It is Subarus commitment to building the longest-lasting and most reliable vehicles on the road today. That also maintain their value better than any other brand. This is why 97% of all Subaru Foresters sold in the last ten years are still on the road today.

At the heart of every Subaru Forester is a BOXER engine and the key to the Foresters ability to easily reach 200,000-miles. The BOXER engine is unique to Subaru and uses a horizontal design. The flat-four design of the BOXER engine means that the pistons make side to side punches and not up and down or in a V motion. The side to side punches of the pistons cancels out each other's vibrations. Which results not only in efficient performance but also puts less stress on the engine.

We have a great selection of high-quality pre-owned Subaru Forester that have been carefully inspected to ensure they are ready to hit the road again. And the best way to experience the amazing quality and reliable performance of a pre-owned Subaru Forester is to make your way down to Dick Hannah Subaru for a test drive.

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