Loyalty Rewards Program

At Dick Hannah Dealerships, when you entrust us to help you select your new or used vehicle, you grant us the opportunity to help fulfill your automotive needs and quite possibly your dreams. We take this opportunity so seriously, in fact, that we have chosen to include some very special products and services.

Some of the items shown below are valid for as long as you own the vehicle and have it serviced according to our program guidelines right here at Dick Hannah Dealerships. Others include a product warranty from their respective manufacturer that is valid for 36 months or 36,000 miles, beginning today and ending when you have either owned the vehicle for 36 months or have driven 36,000 miles.
Our goal is for you to become a Dick Hannah customer for life! 
The Dick Hannah Loyalty Rewards program includes:


This web page is not a contract. It is limited by size and is not intended to provide a complete description of the Loyalty Rewards program. Certain limitations and exclusions apply. Specific conditions must exist in order to qualify for discounts and/or services. Ask your Sales Representative for details or refer to your program materials.
Loyalty Rewards Registration Details
All qualifying vehicles sold or leased by Dick Hannah Dealerships are registered under the Dick Hannah Loyalty Rewards program. As a Loyalty Rewards registered owner, you will have access to an exclusive group of services and benefits provided to our most loyal customers. If you have all required service and preventative maintenance performed by Dick Hannah Dealerships, you may take advantage of our Loyalty Rewards offers as explained in the program materials. Loyalty Rewards Program 10% off excludes tires. 

You can read more about the Dick Hannah Loyalty Rewards Program by downloading the Loyalty Rewards Ebook 
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