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Chances are, you didn't just buy your car on a whim. No, more likely than not, you did a fair share of research about the make and model you were considering, talked to family, friends, and coworkers--as well as the experts--and took at least a couple test drives before signing on the dotted line. Why would you be any less disconcerting when it comes to keeping the car you drive on a daily basis properly outfitted with high-quality, appropriately sized, and properly inflated and aligned tires?

Here at Dick Hannah Subaru, we want our Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA area customers to not only drive off our lot in a car that makes them feel both safe and satisfied, but one that continues to deliver on both fronts for many more miles to come. A quality set of treads--along with your vigilance when it comes to regular tire related services can make a substantial impact in the safety, comfort, and efficiency your Subaru is able to deliver.

A Few Pointers from the Tire Gurus, Here at Dick Hannah Subaru:

  • Regular Tire Rotations. Most experts agree that you should have your tires rotated with  just about every oil change. Your owner's manual is a good place to look for the exact tire rotation interval schedule recommended by the OEM.

    Tire rotations are a quick and relatively easy way to ensure that all four of your car's tires are wearing evenly. Different wheels take on different responsibilities in terms of how much weight is placed upon them, as well as how active of a role they play both in braking and steering. Keeping all four sets of treads as balanced as possible extends the life of your tires, can improve fuel efficiency, and keep you safe.

  • Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated. Proper inflation--or lack thereof--can have an impact on your car's gas mileage, and excessive heat buildup which can, in turn, cause your tires to more easily become damaged. Both under- and over- inflation of your tires can pose a threat.

  • Monitor Tread Depth and Be Wary of Uneven Wear. If your tires are "bald", or overly worn down, they can't possibly have the same grip on the road, nor will you be able to brake as quickly or safely as you would with tires that are still intact. If your tires are too worn down, they'll need replacing. The folks here in our Subaru tire center can make sure you're getting the right type and size of tire for your vehicle.

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