Subaru All-Wheel Drive System

Subaru All-Wheel Drive: Understanding How it Works and Its Benefits

Subaru vehicles are known for their unique All-Wheel Drive (AWD) systems. This system gives drivers added traction and control, especially on Portland, OR, roads during inclement weather conditions. The Subaru AWD system is one of the most advanced systems on the market, and it's an integral part of what makes Subaru vehicles so unique. At Dick Hannah Subaru, you'll find a selection of new and used all-wheel drive Subaru models.

How Subaru's AWD Works

Here's a look at how Subaru's AWD system works and why it's such an essential part of the company's lineup

Subaru's AWD system is based on a simple principle: power should be sent to the wheels that need it most. This means that when one or more wheels start to slip, the system automatically sends power to the other wheels to help maintain traction when driving around Vancouver, WA. The system monitors conditions and adjusts to ensure power is sent where needed.

The All-Wheel Drive system relies on several components working together seamlessly for proper functioning. These include an electronically controlled center differential, an active torque split clutch, and an array of sensors that constantly monitor road conditions.

Components of Subaru's AWD

The Subaru All-Wheel Drive system has three main components: the center differential, the front differential, and the rear differential.

The center differential uses a viscous coupling to distribute power between the front and rear axles. The viscous coupling is a fluid-filled coupling that contains metal plates. These metal plates are connected to the front and rear driveshafts. When the vehicle is driven on a dry, level surface, the viscous coupling allows power to be evenly distributed between the front and rear axles.

However, when one of the axles begins to slip, the fluid in the coupling starts to flow more quickly. This causes the metal plates to spin at different speeds. This, in turn, sends more power to the axle with better traction.

The Subaru All-Wheel Drive system also has a limited-slip differential for each axle. The limited-slip differential helps to prevent wheelspin by distributing power evenly to all wheels, even if one or more wheels are slipping when driving around Beaverton.

Benefits of Subaru's AWD

This system is different from other AWD systems on the market in a few ways and offers various benefits. Subaru's system is permanently active. This means it's always ready to assist, even if you don't think you need it. Other systems are typically only active when they sense a wheel is slipping.

Subaru's system can send power to all four wheels independently. This allows for a more precise distribution of power, which can be helpful in various situations. Other systems often require that all four wheels be powered simultaneously, leading to wasted energy and reduced efficiency.

Subaru's system provides added traction and control without sacrificing fuel economy. Subaru's system is lightweight and highly efficient, so you can enjoy the benefits of AWD without sacrificing fuel economy. Many other AWD systems are heavier and less efficient, which can lead to reduced gas mileage.

Subaru's AWD system also features an active torque vectoring system. This system uses brake-based technology to help control wheel spin and enhance cornering ability. Active torque vectoring is most noticeable when cornering. When approaching a turn, the system applies light braking force to the inside front wheel. This helps reduce understeer and provides a more precise feel when turning.

Subaru's AWD system is one of the market's most advanced and capable systems. It provides excellent traction and stability in all conditions, making it an ideal choice for drivers in Gresham, OR, who need to be able to rely on their vehicle in all kinds of weather and road conditions. Additionally, Subaru's AWD system works well with the company's unique boxer engine layout, providing a more balanced and efficient driving experience. Visit our Subaru dealership in Longview, WA, for more information about the Subaru AWD system.

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